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Cotswold Cloche was created with a singular mission in mind: to ensure you have the best stay possible in the Cotswolds.

Our Founder

Cotswold Cloche is the brainchild of Andrew Michelin, owner of COCOS Hotel and Keyonna Beach in Antigua.

After visiting the Cotswolds, he fell in love with the area and its quintessential charm, but was frustrated by not being able to easily find the products and services he required. With millions of visitors to the Cotswolds every year, Andrew realised he couldn’t be the only person in need of reliable information.

As a result, Cotswold Cloche was born, providing visitors and locals with everything they need to maximise their Cotswolds experience.

COCOS Hotel Antigua

Keyonna Beach Antigua

Our Team

Stephen Eggerton: Managing Director

Having sold his vineyard in France, Stephen returned to the UK twenty years ago and settled into life in the Cotswolds as a wine merchant and latterly as Business Development Manager for Cotswold Life.

Melissa Ormiston: Editor

Melissa moved to the Cotswolds from London ten years ago. She has over 25 years of experience in writing, editing, and marketing and was recently honoured with the Openreach Community Connector award.

Katie Jarvis: Features Editor

Katie writes for national and local publications, as well as being the author of books on the Cotswolds. She loves everything about the region, from the top restaurants (many of which she has reviewed) to the fascinating celebrities who call it home (many of whom she has interviewed!)

Adam Edwards: Contributor

Adam is an award-winning journalist living in the Cotswolds. He was a former New York correspondent for the London Times, Features Editor of both the Mail on Sunday and the London Evening Standard as well as Editor of the weekly ES Magazine.


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